Episode 6 – Doing It Live (Pre-recorded)

Nevik, Breja, and Jen have gotten together on another Friday evening to record this episode. There seems to be something about recording on Fridays that brings out the somewhat twisted sense of humor in all of us. Hmm… maybe we should start recording on Friday nights more often.

In this episode, Nevik, Breja, and Jen are joined by Medros. Many of you who listen to Shattered Soulstone will recognize him from All Things Azeroth, Group Quest, and More than Megapixels, (which are all podcasts on the Dawnforge network). You can find him at @Medros on Twitter.

Episode Topics

* We read, and respond to, email sent in by listeners. Please send us more! It make us happy.

* We randomly draw the winners of the December Contest. And the winners are…. announced in this episode. 😉 Congrats to all three of you!

* We discuss our thoughts, opinions, critiques, and speculations about The Book of Cain.

* We touch on a little bit of Diablo news including:

Skill Calculator

What you can do with all alabaster runestones (Thanks, Ametous for sharing that with us.)

Blue Posts dispelling the “conspiracy” behind delaying the release of D3.

DID YOU KNOW: December 31, 2011 is the 15th Anniversary of the Diablo franchise? Well, it is. 😀

Want to read more about Diablo lore? Gabriel was kind enough to send us some links about lore from:
Diablo One
Diablo Two and
Diablo II: Lord Of Destruction
Thanks, Gabriel!

We also mentioned The Worldstone Keep podcast, (which also does videos).

And, in case you missed it, here is the Diablo 3 Opening Cinematic.

Email your questions to us at show@shatteredsoulstone.com

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